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Environmental Legislation

Environmental concerns are not part of scientific research anymore; they are part of man’s daily existence. The spread of awareness has made it clear that immediate steps are necessary to prevent the adverse effects that modernization and technological advancements have on the environment. Environmental legislation, part of the environmental policy, has become part of the government’s endeavor towards a safer, greener and cleaner earth.

Different countries have different environmental legislation as per their requirements. However there are a few tenets on which these laws are based. The chief among these is the Polluter Pays Principle. According to this, it is the responsibility of the one causing the pollution to pay for controlling it and preventing any damage to the environment.

Precautionary Principles are undertaken in those cases where damage is far-reaching or severe. The issuance or non-issuance of tradable permits is dependent on this rule.

Preventive Principles help in avoiding any pollution that could be caused by an individual or an organization.

Environmental legislation helps in curbing the harmful effects of human endeavors and aims at protecting the environment from any further damage. Their sole objective is to conserve the planet and its environment. The green police belive that these are also effective measures in solving threats like global warming and deforestation.